We visited Brave the Cave at Brockhole!

We sent Jeremy from our Real Lakes Team and his family to check out the all new attraction ‘Brave the Cave’ at Brockhole and what a day they had! Willow, 5, Scarlett, 9 and mum and dad, Sam and Jeremy took on the challenge on a Sunday afternoon and said, ‘it was a great family day out!’.

Arriving mid afternoon the first point of call was, of course, the huge park at Brockhole. This isn’t just any regular park though… it’s an all dancing adventure playground and is completely free for 5 to 14 year olds. Packed with rope walks, slides, swings, scramble nets and zip wires, mum and dad relaxed at the picnic benches while the girls explored.

The family of four then got kitted up and ready for their pre booked slot at Brave the Cave at 2:30. Checking out the test tunnel before heading into the main attraction, dad Jeremy said he thought this might be’ a bit more challenging than originally thought!’

After their team briefing they headed into the cave to take on various challenges throughout its winding tunnels, ranging from finding ancient cave paintings, to retrieving hidden creepy creatures, to navigating the cave in complete darkness! Willow, 5, enjoyed taking the lead and helping dad out along the way! Feeling a sense of achievement after emerging from the tunnels, celebratory ice cream was had all round!

No matter age, all members of the family enjoyed the day and felt it was great value for money. Bookings for Brave the Cave are now being taken and are only £8.50! Find more information and videos by visiting -

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