Gilpin Spice - A festive lunch to remember...

Once more we've been checking out the best of the best here in the heart of the Lake District and one lucky Real Lakes team member headed out to check out Gilpin Spice...


Nestled away on the tranquil edges of Windermere, Gilpin is the ultimate retreat. Its stunning exteriors and landscaped gardens make quite the impression on approach and certainly set the mood for what promised to be a delightful afternoon.

We wander past water fountains, lanterns and garden sculptures. I can feel myself unwinding as we step through the doors to the renowned Gilpin Spice. Taste buds tingling, the gentle aroma of spices and warmth of the building soothes and we’re greeted, our coats taken and shown through to the restaurant.

Tastebuds tingling

Quirky, yet elegant design sweeps the room. It’s full of bold colors, yet classic design - Modern and comfortable. I love it.

Delicious aromas drift from the open kitchen and, being the true foodie that I am, it’s a joy to be able to see the head chef and his team creating all sorts of tasty treats, right before your eyes.

After settling at our table our waiter talks us through the menu. An array of culinary delights to say the least - a refreshing blend of tapas styled, Asian treats are listed and I simply want to taste everything.

As usual I cannot make my mind up with so many yummy things on offer… so we opt for the Festive Tasting Lunch menu to try a little of everything. And oh boy. Oh boy oh boy is it good.

Up first…

Clear Japanese caramelised onion soup, wild mushrooms, cabbage fritter

The Tamanegi Soupe is like nothing I have tasted. A truly modern twist on a winter warmer, this Clear Japanese soup is an absolute treat. The fresh, zingy flavours burst from this warming little dish. A perfect way to begin.

Round two…

Filipino cured salmon with pickled root vegetables, spring onions, toasted peanuts

The menu states, ‘Filipino food is not so well known but is diverse, very vibrant and full of flavour.’ Bang on. This dish was ridiculously tasty, beautifully presented and complete with Gilpin’s own, modern twist. Not a drop was left on the plate.

Feeling festive

Buttermilk-fried bronze turkey, tandoori roast carrots, tomato and onion gravy

After offering us more drinks, our lovely waiter presents us with the next treat in this culinary trail and it’s fabulously festive! Again, the chefs have created something truly unique and injected their own modern twist... this time on traditional turkey. The spicy, tomato and onion gravy beautifully compliments the lightly battered, flavour filled pieces of Turkey.

Just a few more mouthfuls…

In true festive spirit i’m feeling quite full… but of course will eat more. It’s simply all too tasty. As we ponder on the fabulously modern take on the Turkey we have just enjoyed, our waiter presents us with the next course.

Pork belly or Seabream

We’ve opted for the Seabream which is perfectly cooked. This delicate piece of fish is packed full of balanced flavours and complimented with a luscious tomato based sauce and fresh stir-fry vegetables. It’s an absolute highlight of the meal. Thankful I have worn a loose fitting dress… I polish off every mouthful.

The cherry on the...

For someone who nearly always chooses a cheese plate over a sweet dessert, I was not sure how much I would enjoy this final course… but it continued to delight. The crescendo of the meal was the...


This Chinese sweet apple pudding was warmed with mixed spice and cinnamon, served with vanilla crumble, ice cream and deliciously delicate pieces of shortbread, filled with a sweet and spicy pineapple jam with fennel seeds, sesame seeds and cardamom. What a treat.

Having said i’d just try a few mouthfuls for writing purposes… of course I scraped the bowl clean, which left me with that lovely, post christmas dinner, nap ready feeling.
If you’re looking for somewhere a little different for a festive lunch, Gilpin Spice should be your first point of call. Modern, full of perfectly balanced flavours and superbly priced, I cannot recommend it enough.

Find their website, menus and more details here.

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