How to Explore the Lake District from the Water

Lake Windermere has never been more stunning! With the summer sun glimmering on its surface, the water is a flurry with activity. Whether it’s wildlife or wanderers, the water is full of explorers looking to witness the beauty of the Lake District. And we can’t blame them! That’s why we’re telling you how to get involved. Whether you want to relax or get the adrenaline going, Windermere Lake has something for you.

Firstly, a number one must do when visiting the Lake District is hopping on one of the famous Windermere Lake Cruise boats. With a range of tours around the water, the cruises are perhaps one of the best budget-friendly ways to tour the Lake. They run all year round, but if you want to catch the exclusive services like sunset tours, summer is the time to come. Running from 30 - 90 minutes long, you can use the cruises to hop across the lake, capture pictures of wildlife, or tour the entire body of water all while learning about the area’s fascinating landscape and heritage.

Prefer to choose your own direction? Windermere Lake is home to a myriad of water sports providers. You can canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or sail your way around the lake. A great one for the family during the summer, you can build a new skill, work as a team, and let off some steam. Check out our member Low Wood Bay Hotel's website, they offer a range of water sports courses and activities including Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, sailing and more!

Alternately, if swimming is your sport, the Lakeside Hotel & Spa have the perfect activity for you! They offer guided open water swimming so you can get up close and personal with nature. Ideal for team building, the Hotel caters to teams of 5 - 30, with wetsuits available for all. This is a brilliant way to dive into a new environment with a unique perspective and develop open water swimming skills.

Or maybe you’d like a more private experience? Well, Storrs Hall on Lake Windermere offers a luxurious stay in their Boathouse room right on the lake, accompanied by dinner, bed & breakfast, topped off with a private cruise around Lake Windermere. Spend 90 mins taking in the stunning scenery on your own skippered luxury motor cruiser. Perfect for the couple looking for some luxury alone time.

Lake Windermere is full of life and you can see it all!

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