Proud To Nurture Nature Here in The Lake District

It’s undeniable that the Lake District is a perfect place to visit when you want to relax and rejuvenate, especially after a manic busy period such as Christmas.

We believe there’s no better way to blow away the cobwebs of last year than with a trip to the Lakes, where you can enjoy stunning scenes of natural beauty, work off those mince pies with wonderful walks, sleep soundly thanks to a fabulous selection of hotels, and unwind with a delectable dinner and drinks in local restaurants and pubs.

The Lake District is a gem of the UK – and the world, in fact, which is why we are fully backing the Lake District’s bid for World Heritage Site Status this year. We must nurture the nature that we know and love, here in the Lakes, so that it can continue to survive and thrive, and be enjoyed by future generations in the years to come.

Achieving World Heritage Status would be a huge and fantastic accomplishment for the Lake District, and will bring a host of exciting benefits to the area, including:
Increased recognition for our vital farming community in the cultural role of farming and its integral role with the landscape.

Our government has pledged to provide resources to protect its World Heritage Sites - having this status could attract more funding and investment into the Lake District.
The profile of the Lake District will be elevated internationally, and we will develop as an international brand on the 'A-list' of places to visit. (But we know it’s already up there!)
Sounds pretty good, right? Now you can probably see why we’re so excited for the bid this year.

But it isn’t just the World Heritage Site Status we’re supporting to nurture our local nature, we are also proud to back Nurture Lakeland. This important initiative helps businesses fundraise for local conservation projects such as Fix the Fells, Red Squirrel conservation and outdoor education projects.

Every day we feel incredibly lucky and grateful to live and work in such a beautiful, friendly and thriving place. This year, we are pledging to do everything we can to nurture the nature that we love the most, will you join us?

The Lake District Foundation

We are proud to support The Lake District Foundation and the fantastic, essential work that they do. To find out more or donate to their vital cause, click below

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