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The Real Lake District App is the first of it’s kind in the area and has been developed for visitors and locals alike! Working with our savvy friends over at The Creative Branch, based here in Cumbria, we’ve created a unique App that allows users to be instantly updated with new offers and discount codes...

Why is this any different to a discount card or website we hear you say…?

First up it’s completely FREE. Yep you heard right.. There’s no membership or joining fee. You simply download it straight to your phone for £0 and 0p. Easy Peasy.

It’s created by real Lake District businesses. All offers are 100% genuine. There’s no organisation or big fancy board members sat hundreds of miles away taking a cut.
These offers are created from the business owners living in the area - so you get the best deals, at the best spots, all year around.

Interested? Click below to download and start saving!

Download for Iphone here ->
Download for Android here ->

The Lake District Foundation

We are proud to support The Lake District Foundation and the fantastic, essential work that they do. To find out more or donate to their vital cause, click below

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